Adidas’ Terrex Agravic GTX: This shoe will keep you rooted to the ground


Adidas’ Terrex Agravic GTX Shoes combine three technologies that not only make it one of the most popular outdoor shoes but also showcase the advancements made in the field of footwear.

The first of these technologies is Adidas’s own BOOST that we had tested in the field of running. The cushioning tech uses thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and provides both soft and responsive cushioning. The adhesive-free design uses a hot steam process to harness the potential of the material in an effective way. During our testing we noticed that the BOOST tech definitely helped in two major ways. The first was by making the shoe lighter and the second was through major energy return.

The shoe’s upper is made out of a material called GORE-TEX. The GORE-TEX membrane is an extremely thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene that has over 9 billion pores per square inch, a definite technological marvel. Thanks to these pores, the material is waterproof, windproof and breathable.

Adidas Boost

Why Adidas’ cushioning technology is a game changer
The third technology present in the Agravic is the adidas terrex Continental sole that according to Continental gives you up to 30% more grip on dry and wet surfaces. While trying the shoes for ourselves. We definitely felt like the shoe had a better grip when compared to anything we had tried before.

“We are delighted that the adidas running shoes with our rubber compound technology developed in Hanover are helping many professional athletes to achieve new personal best times and break course records. This shows the potential long-term benefits of looking beyond your immediate industry for new technology and solutions. During the development of our premium products, which stand out primarily due to exceptionally good grip in the wet, we even looked at gripping mechanisms from the animal kingdom – cats and polar bears in particular – and also focused on the production of rubber from dandelion plants,” said David O’Donnell, who is Head of R&D for Passenger and Light Truck Tires at Continental.

The combination of the Continental Rubber outsole that is inspired by tire treads for mountain bikes and the boost foam allowed for both speed and balance. This was a welcome addition as most of the outdoor footwear I had tried before focused only on stability and balance. While both these aspects of outdoor activities are important, competitive athletes can really appreciate the boost in speed.

From a technical standpoint, these shoes are a great addition to any outdoor fitness enthusiast’s kit and if you haven’t tried them before I would definitely recommend giving them a shot.